Vacation Home Rental Property Management Services

Paradise Properties manages vacation home properties and holiday villas in Venetian Bay, Palm Key, Regal Palms, Club Cortile, Windward Cay, Trafalgar Village, Windsor Hills, Indian Creek, Highlands Reserve and all other vacation home areas in Kissimmee, Davenport, Orlando and all other areas of Osceola and Polk Counties.

A few of the comments from the owners we work for:

"I want to thank you for what you have done for us.  I talked to the family that came in there tonight and they loved the home and the way that the house looked. That's a reflection upon your great job that you did for us."

"I love ALL of your ideas! They are great! Perfect! Thank you for all of your great ideas and work. How great to have an interior decorator included in the package!!!:)

"Again, it was a pleasure to work with the both of you.  After several years of switching management companies, you where the best and I only wish I would have worked with you sooner."  From an owner who sold their home

"We are more than pleased with your services.  We're glad we decided to stay with your company."

"Joni and I feel like you are pulling for us and trying to see us be a success."

"I can highly recommend Darren Keast from Paradise Properties; he acts for us on 2 units on Venetian Bay and offers a first class service.  We have used others previously and cannot recommend them highly enough"

Thank you so much to help me setup everything in the condo and make the rental business ready quickly.  Your great idea has added a lot value and attraction to the condo.  I think I am very lucky to have you and Darren as my property manager."

"We have had many management companies over the years but I can honestly say that you guys were the best.  And by some distance."


Has your management company turned your Paradise Property into a nightmare?

Did they promise bookings that did not materialize?

Did they charge you for landscaping, pool service, etc. and then not do it?

Have you had to pay for repairs that could have been prevented with proper maintenance?

Are they happy to talk to you when they need money, but are less than responsive when you have questions or need their help?

We know where you are coming from. As vacation home owners ourselves, we have experienced all of these and more. That is why we decided to enter this business, to manage properties the way that we would want our property managed.


This is a simple but powerful promise. We do not promise to book your property a certain number of weeks each year (although we expect to beat the industry average of 35%). We do not promise to never make mistakes, but we do promise to remedy them to the best of our abilities. Included in this promise is that we will respond to owner and guest requests within 24 hours, within 2 hours or less in case of emergency.

Here are our current occupancy statistics:


Month 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
January 81% 91% 89% 83% 87% 89% 82% 76% 85%
February 96% 99% 98% 95% 97% 95% 96% 88% 96%
March 97% 97% 98% 93% 96% 96% 75% 84% 97%
April 68% 72% 69% 77% 77% 80% 16% 76% 93%
May 35% 54% 53% 54% 58% 58% 23% 75% 78%
June 54% 67% 66% 59% 65% 65% 25% 88% 83%
July 79% 84% 87% 77% 80% 75% 36% 93% 89%
August 60% 72% 73% 68% 68% 62% 26% 78% 79%
September 30% 43% 40% 43% 53% 34% 28% 77% 68%
October 44% 48% 51% 50% 66% 57% 40% 79% 77%
November 42% 52% 55% 53% 71% 66% 42% 77% 79%
December 61% 63% 71% 69% 75% 70% 53% 84% 75%
Annual 62% 70% 71% 68% 75% 71% 45% 81% 83%


We do not charge a set up fee when you place your property with us. It does not make any sense to us that you should pay us before we have proven our value to you. We also are transparent in regard to our other fees.

Here they are:

Management Fees: $125.00/month

Pool Service: $100.00 Month if applicable

Lawn service (mow, trim, blow): $90.00 Month if applicable

Lawn Treatment (fertilize, weed and pest control): $30.00/month (optional)

Exterminating: $25.00 Month

Reserve Deposit: $600.00 (or two months expenses)

Setup Fee: $250.00 (we waive this)

Ad Hoc Labor: $35.00 per hour

Cleaning (only charged to owner on owner bookings)

2 bedroom pool home $120

3 bedroom pool home $130

4 bedroom pool home $140

5 bedroom pool home $150

6 bedroom pool home $160

7 bedroom pool home $180

2 bedroom Condo $110

3 bedroom Condo $120

4 bedroom Condo $130


Our property management company provides the following services:-

• Secure registration with the State of Florida Tax Authorities as required for all vacation home properties.

• Obtain a hotel/motel license which is required for all holiday villas.

• Take pictures of your vacation rental home and/or arrange for a virtual tour or video of your vacation property at an additional charge.

• Payment of your utility bills.

• Arrange for pool maintenance on a regular basis.

• Arrange for pest control on a regular basis.

• Arrange yard maintenance on a regular basis.

• Arrange for any necessary repairs to be carried out.

• Arrange for the property to be completely cleaned, after each party of guests vacate the property.

• Wash and change bed linen and towels after each party of guests vacate the property.

• Check property for unusual wear and tear after each guest and inspect each property monthly for maintenance requirements.

• Generate bookings and manage the reservation system for the property.

• Web site advertising (VRBO, AirBnB, Tripadvisor, Homeaway and all of their related sites as well as our own website)

We no longer list homes with booking agents or tour companies as we have found that these bookings have low rates and high maintenance costs.  Tour companies are an easy source of bookings that make property managers money from commissions, but cost owners more money than they are worth. 
We would also be happy to assist you with listing on owner listing sites or to list your home on those sites for you for a minimal fee.


Please contact us to make your vacation home a Paradise Property!